Blanket Dry Cleaning

Comparing Home Washing and Dry Cleaning the Blanket

Which method is more suitable for blanket cleaning?

Winter is all about warm clothes and stuff that you can use to keep you warm. Apart from warm clothes, warm bedding is also very important and blankets are an essential part of the bed in winters. People buy expensive blankets along with other bed items and want them to last longer then just one season. But many of them cannot keep them clean and loose them as if they were bought with a very small sum of money.

One very simple thing to keep in mind is that if you do not take care of your expensive blankets, then don’t think that it will serve you in the next season. This is not an item that can be ignored and it will remain the same as it was purchased in the next season. Keeping it clean is a vital process for prolonging the life of your pricey purchase. It’s your choice to wash it at home or take it to the dry cleaner.

Stain Removal Technique

Stain Removal Technique

Stain Removal Technique:

Whatever step you take to make your item clean and shine, the very first step is to make it stain free with appropriate chemicals and fluids. Now if you take your blanket to the dry cleaner, they will first study the fabric and then choose the chemical accordingly. But when you are doing it at home, it becomes risky; to remain on the safe side, one of the ways is to use soup liquefied for removing the stain. Stain removal is important as the rest of the procedure becomes easy. Experimenting is not a good choice when you do not know the consequences; instead taking it to the dry cleaner would be a much better choice.

Washing Properly:

Washing Properly

Washing Properly

Washing an item as heavy as a blanket is a very brave decision and if you can handle it then there is no other best way. Before making the blanket stain free, use a vacuum cleaner to take off any dirt that may have accumulated in the blanket with the course of time while using it. This will further lessen the burden of washing and a light detergent will be enough for the job.

But it is strongly recommended not to wash the items that can be only dry cleaned, only items at home until unless you are 100% sure off the results. Also if your washing machine is not made for washing such heavy items, you will lose both your purchases simultaneously. So do not take risk at any step.

Slow vs. Fast:

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

Now what do you think which process is faster and safer for your blanket? After all the effort you put to wash your bedding at home, what will you do for drying especially in a humid weather? You can put your blanket in the drier if it has the capacity to handle such a heavy item, otherwise it will harm the machine. Using the conventional method of spreading or hanging will take days for proper drying which increases the chances of settling in a particular bad smell of moisture in the blanket and ultimately you have to give it to the dry cleaner. They offer fast and professional way of cleaning the blanket returning it with hundred percent results and also offer tips to preserve it until the next season.

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