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Simple Ways to Wash a Blanket

Choose the one that suits you the best

Seasons decide your bedding and no matter what season it is there, one thing is for sure that you have to see to it that every item is clean and fit for use. Blankets are an essential part of your bedding in the winter and they increase the elegance of your bed and in turn your room. They are chosen with the best color scheme, there texture and the warmth they provide. Now, a bedspread that compiles all these qualities in it must be very expensive and its stain removal is also necessary when required.

Ruining it will be the last thought that would come in your mind. Cleaning a blanket periodically, say about after a month is very crucial to maintain its outlook as well as its safety for use. As with dirt, this item can inhale many allergies with it and to eliminate them it becomes imperative to have it cleaned after short periods of time. Now there multiple ways which can ensure you a clean blanket, but it depends on your ability which one you are going to choose.

Hand Wash:

Blanket Dry Cleaning

Blanket Dry Cleaning

One of the toughest ways is to wash the blanket with hands after soaking it in cold water and mild detergent. The difficulty of the task lies in the size of the blanket. A small baby blanket will be the easiest to wash with hands. But the one that covers a double bed is a hell lot of hard work you are talking about. The blanket dry cleaning may not seem to be that much heavy when it is dry, but as it touches the water surface, the weight becomes three times heavier as it was before soaking. Picking it up and then dipping in water to rinse the detergent is a very complicated task to accomplish.

Machine Wash:

Now comes the turn of washing the blanket in a machine. First of all if the size of the blanket is large, there will be a difficulty in doing so if the capacity of the machine does not support it. Mild detergent and cold water can do a perfect job in the machine wash and rinsing and drying can also be performed in the machine. But if your machine does not support the load then it is a stupidity to carry on the process as you will spoil the machinery. You can either use the dryer for evacuating water or lay the blanket in a straight surface and let it dry for a day or two as the weather may allow.

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning:

To avoid the hassle and the irritating long process, choose a dry cleaner for the job. They have the proper equipment and solutions which can do the job in a much better way. The staff is well trained and the machinery is always ready to perform the task with perfection. With such a fast and busy life, taking such a hassle is an unnecessary load you put on your body. If you cannot take the item to the dry cleaner, then there is a pick and drop service to facilitate you. Even they can drop your order when it is done and ready to use.

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